The 8 Most Extreme Things You Can Do in Canada

Many of the extreme activities you can do in Canada involve negotiating your way across the diverse landscape—the exalted mountains, rushing rivers, pristine lakes and far-reaching forests—but urban adventures that test your mettle are also on the menu. Here are some of the most extreme things you can do in Canada. CN Tower EdgeWalk, Toronto […]

Top Tips For A Stress-Free Home Renovation

We’ve all heard jokes about home renovations. How many divorces after the big job? Or, what about the 1990’s sit-com Home Improvement? Beyond the wisecracks, if planning a home makeover, it’s always a good idea to make plans. We spoke with Blaise McDonald, owner and president of Mac Renovations and Raubyn Rothschild, principal designer with […]

7 Dinge, die Sie in Wien machen können

Wien, die charmante Hauptstadt Österreichs, ist ein beliebtes Ziel für Städtereisen. Jedem Besucher stellen sich zunächst folgende Fragen: Was kann man in Wien machen? Und was kann man in Wien und Umgebung machen? Was sollte man in Wien auf keinen Fall verpassen? Was kann man in Wien mit Kindern unternehmen? Gibt es Insider Tipps für […]

The Most Beautiful Cities in Scandinavia

There is often a misperception when it comes to Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries, as many people tend to believe that it is one and the same thing. Well, it’s not. The term “Nordic Countries” refers to the countries and islands situated in the northern part of Europe, including the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Jutland Peninsula, […]

11 Best Things To Do in Transylvania, Romania

Picked by Lonely Planet as the best region to visit in 2016, Transylvania, in the heart of Romania, charms its visitors with a rare mix of culture, wild natural beauty, and medieval enchantment. Here’s an insider’s guide on the best things to do in the homeland of Dracula: 1. Wander the idyllic Old Town of […]

15 Places You Need to See in the Netherlands

Located in Northwestern Europe, with much of its territory below sea level, it’s no wonder everyone talks about the Netherlands as a land of wonderful canals. But that’s just one of this country’s many appeals. Scattered throughout, you will also find picturesque windmills, colorful flower fields, idyllic villages, and vibrant cities rich in art, culture, […]

10 Reasons why festivals are best

Despite there now being well over a hundred different family friendly festivals to choose from in the UK, I’m still getting the same common reaction from the majority of people: “Why on earth would you want to take your children there?” So if you are wondering what is so appealing to parents I’ve compiled this top ten list. […]

7 of the best European destinations for families

With travel springing back into action, Europe may be the perfect place to take your family on an international trip. While you can’t really go wrong with the classics, there are many amazing, family-friendly destinations to visit beyond iconic cities such as London or Paris. In addition to focusing on choosing locations with activities for […]

10 Razones por las que ir a un festival en familia es beneficioso para los niños

Los beneficios que aporta la música para el público infantil no suponen ninguna novedad hoy en día. Son muchas las investigaciones al respecto que hablan de dichas bondades y de la idoneidad de introducir a los niños y niñas, desde que nacen, en entornos melódicos. Sin embargo, ir a un festival en familia supone una […]

The 10 Best Destinations in Australia

The wilderness of Kangaroo Island, the dense rainforest of the Daintree, the wineries of Margaret River and the beaches of the Gold Coast are some of Australia’s biggest tourist drawcards… and there wasn’t even room for them in this article! That means the 10 places that did end up on this list of Australia’s best […]